Tesla Deaths
Tesla Deaths is a record of Tesla accidents that involved a driver, occupant, cyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian death, whether or not the Tesla or its driver were at fault


Data regarding total Tesla fleet mileage, cumulative deaths, and miles per Tesla car death.

IIHS article showing that Teslas have 2-4x more non-crash fires than the average car, and incur damages up to 7x higher:

Article citing Norwegian Road Traffic Information Office data showing that Teslas crash twice as often as regular cars

Article showing that Teslas have triple the driver deaths of comparably priced luxury vehicles

Article about an NHTSA coverup of data showing Tesla 'Autopilot' to lead to *more* crashes than regular driving

An early article that discusses the methodology behind Musk's safety claims

IIHS/HLDI article showing "Tesla Model S has higher insurance losses than other large luxury cars" (higher frequency and severity) https://www.iihs.org/iihs/sr/statusreport/article/52/4/4

  • Norwegian article citing insurance data that shows Teslas are unusually prone to accidents

    Article presenting evidence that Tesla has fire deaths at 4x the rate of other vehicles

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